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3 Problems Everyone Has With Market Research & How We Solved Them


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Meet Our Research Team

Every member of the MarketMapResearch team has an Inbound marketing Certification by Hubspot. That means, we’re highly trained in researching markets to identify important data trends that reveal a niches top competitors.


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You know that market research is important for creating profitable campaigns, but you’re just too busy managing your outsourcers, building your funnel, or setting up your next autoresponder. Keeping track of everything your competitors are doing is not something you want to do yourself…


We get it, you’re in startup mode which means you’re “running lean.” Paying monthly for expensive research tools just isn’t in the budget yet, so you have to rely on the free demos that just don’t give you all the data you’re looking for…


To put it frankly... market research just isn't very fun an exciting. It's a repetitive and time consuming task unlike like launching new campaigns watching the conversions roll in. You'd rather hand this task off than do it yourself.

  1. Businesses looking to identifying a competitors strengths & weaknesses across social, inbound marketing and paid ad strategies
  2. Marketers creating a customer persona & looking to find common “watering holes” of their target audience
  3. Businesses starting paid advertising but first want to see what’s already working in for others in the industry
  4. Marketers looking to discover direct and vertical competitors landing pages, ad copy, & images to create your own successful campaigns
  5. Businesses that want to keep a pulse on the industry by tracking competitors traffic stats; including alexa rank, monthly traffic volume, & total number of social subscribers across popular platforms
  6. Marketers trying to identify where your competitors traffic is coming from & if you can leverage the same websites to get traffic to your sites
  7. Marketers doing campaign research and looking to find competitor’s longest running ads, top ad placements, and top keywords

We scour the internet using paid search tools that allow us to find your competitors strengths and weaknesses. This Market Map research process gives businesses the information they need to make logic based decisions around their inbound marketing, SEO, and paid advertising strategies.

 Get Your Market Map Report Delivered In Just 5 Days

With our Market Map research you'll received a spreadsheet with individual profiles for your top 10 competitors (5 direct competitors and 5 vertical competitors). For just $249 each competitor profile we'll include your competitors;

  • - Product Names & Pricing
  • - Website, Blog, & Landing Page URL's
  • - Alexa Rank, Monthly Traffic Volume & Number of Backlinks
  • - Social Profile URL's & Fan Count
  • - Longest Running Banner & Text Ads
  • - Top 5 Banner Placements
  • - Top 5 Adwords Paid Keywords
  • - Top 5 Referring Domains
  • - Top 5 Networks Your Competitors Are Using & Their Landing Page URL's
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will you need from me?

We rely heavily on our ability to research a market. However, the last thing we want to do is pour more than 10 hours into your research to find out it wasn’t want you wanted. To avoid this, we ask that you complete a short 3 question form after your purchase to give us more information about your company, your target customer, and who you think your competitors are. We'll take it from there and dive deep into your market to find it's strengths and weaknesses.

2. What if I'm not satisfied with your work?

We have yet to have anyone walk away unsatisfied with the work we put into this Marketing Map report. While we can not offer a refund because of the labor involved in delivering your report, we never want to have anyone unsatisfied with our work. We're happy to make revisions to ensure you're satisfied.

3. How long will it take to receive my report?

We've been researching niches for so long we have a team of researchers that work as one machine to deliver your report within 4 days. Please note: that we can not start your research until we've received your completed new client form. This is a short 3 question form that gives us the starting information we need to research your market.

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